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Book Festival opens in Thessaloniki

The 36th Book Festival of Thessaloniki opened on Saturday in the presence of Alternate Environment Minister Sokratis Famellos and Alternate Education Minister Kostas Zouraris, former ministers, MPs, Central Macedonia regional governor Apostolos Tzitzikostas and other officials.

"It is an event-institution that is in the city's DNA" stated Famellos adding that the message is the support of the new book production. On his part, Zouraris stated "There are very good signs" noting the importance of the books for knowledge, education and learning".

"This year we have over 30,000 book titles and over 150 publishers in 100 pavilions and for the first time all the municipalities participate with happenings, concerts and other events" stated Babis Barbounakis who represented the Association of northern Greek publishers