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4.4R Earthquake rocks Athens

A 4,4R magnitude earthquake shook Athens at 22:25′ and it lasted for 6 seconds, according to the official report by the Institute of Geodynamics of Athens.

The epicenter was between Stamata and Agios Stefanos area at a depth of 5km.

According to many reports, the earthquake was accompanied by a loud hum.

No damages or injuries have been reported thus far.

According to seismologist Dr. Houliaras the quake comes from the same area that gave the “quake cluster” of 9 January, when there were 18 tremors in 10 hours.Seismologist Efthimios Lekkas, shares the same view arguing.

The activity is still ongoing according to the seismologists, but they claim that since there are no major rifts in the area there is little danger of a stronger earthquake.