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Barbarousis set free pending trial for treason

MP Konstantinos Barbarousis was let free with restrictions after his testimony before prosecutors for charges of felony for preparatory acts of treason.

He was charged with a 30,000 eurro bail, a ban on leaving the country, and appearing at a local police station three times a month.

Exiting the courts Barabrousis said that "I would respect what decision the Greek justice would make. I thank my lawyers. Macedonia is Greek and this will not change. "

It may be recalled that the MP, who is also being tried as a member of a criminal organization in the Golden Dawn trial, is asked to explain to the magistrate certain extracts from his speech in parliament on Friday during the discussion of the motion of censure tabled by the opposition Government on the occasion of the agreement with FYROM.

Mr Barbarousis, as a speaker of Golden Dawn, amongst other things, asked the military leadership to assume its responsibilities and arrest the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister and the Minister of National Defense.

Following the violent reactions that his speech caused, the MP was in the spotlight of the public prosecutor that resulted in a criminal prosecution the same day and a warrant of arrest executed on Monday morning. Golden Dawn struck Barbarousis off its MP list, after his tirade.