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Potami leaves KINAL Center-Left alliance

The withdrawal of Potami from the Kinima Allagis KINAL party(Movement of Change) was decided by the party's Grand Meeting of Representatives (MESYA), adopting the suggestion of Stavros Theodorakis.

The suggestion of the leader of Potami found the majority of the party agreeing and after a vote in MESYA deciding a "divorce" from KINAL.

When the votes were in, 97 voted in favor of leaving the coalition, 16 for staying, and 5 voted blanc.

Theodorakis: First concern to save progressiveness - Keeps on leadership KINAL

The disengagement from KINAL is a "difficult but necessary option" in order "not to devalue Potami, so as avoid its destruction through the disputes within tKINAL," said Stavros Theodorakis in his address to the supreme governing body of Potami.

He criticized KINAL's working and decision-making methodologies, leaving serious barbs for its leadership, that he said raised an old-fashioned flag.

Potami MP Grigoris Psarianos said that KINAL was established to update PASOK, and not really to express the tendencies within the Center-Left in a democratic fashion.

It remains to be seen if Potami will now move closer to SYRIZA, and perhaps become a crutch in the event that the ANEL party withdraws from the government.