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Athens and Thessaloniki gripped with extensive riots overnight

Featured Athens and Thessaloniki gripped with extensive riots overnight

Athens and Thessaloniki were gripped with riots overnight, as groups of anarchists and drug dealers caused serious trouble.

In Thessaloniki, unidentified individuals attacked a special SWAT unit with cocktail Molotov bombs at dawn, with police responding with the use of tear gas.
The attack occurred outside the Turkish Consulate at approximately 2 am at night and lasted for nearly an hour, turning the surrounding area into a battleground.

According to local site Grtimes the perpetrators hurled 60 petrol bombs ayr police. Vehicles parked in the riot zone sustained damage.

Meanwhile, in Athens, scuffles also broke out on Friday night, with youths attacked the police SWAT units on Tositsa Street.
The rioters hurled Molotov bombs against security forces who fired back with tear gas.
The scuffles continued through the night.

In the Exarchia district, multiple shots were fired on Friday night by a man reported to be part of a drug trafficking gang, according to accounts by local residents.
In another incident on Saturday morning, unidentified individuals smashed the facade of tow bank branches in the Kesariani district in Athens, while they set several ATMs on fire on Ethnikis Antistaseos avenue.

According to the police, the perpetrators’ sole goal was to cause damage, as they did not steal any money.