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Ronaldo tips €25,000 to staff in Greek hotel

Featured Ronaldo tips €25,000 to staff in Greek hotel

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo left a €25,000 tip for hotel staff after spending his holidaying in Greece.

The Portugal and Juventus forward had been staying at the high-end Costa Navarino resort in Peloponnese for the second year in a row.

He was said to be so impressed by the hospitality of the staff at the hotel that he left the enormous tip to be shared equally among staff.

Cristiano Ronaldo enjoyed his vacation in Messinia and is now continuing on a large yacht to the French Riviera.

The Portuguese superstar spent part of his summer holidays at the luxury hotel complex “Costa Navarino”, enjoying the services of the luxurious villa he was staying, which cost 8,000 euros per night, according to an article by El Espanol!

According to the report, Ronaldo spent in Greece about 56,000 euros for his stay. In fact, he left 25,000 euros to the staff of “Costa Navarino” to thank them for their services!