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Bill for upgrading of F-16s tabled in Greek Parliament

Featured Bill for upgrading of F-16s tabled in Greek Parliament

The National Defence Ministry’s bill entitled “Regulations of the National Defence Ministry” was tabled in Parliament Wednesday night.

The draft bill includes the upgrade of the F-16 fighter jets.

The bill also has a clause for the Mirage-2000’s “Follow-On Support / FOS”, the Greek Shipyard of Skaramanga in relation to the Type-214AIP submarines program, as well as provisions on matters related to Long Term Volunteers’ Training, as well as changes and regarding the Army Equity Fund (MTF).

The draft law in the field of air defense and preparedness foresees an increase in the operational efficiency and dynamics of F-16 aircraft by accepting the Lockheed Martin aircraft manufacturer’s proposal to implement necessary modernisation and upgrading programs. These programs are worth a total of 279,710,000 USD for the benefit of the Ministry of National Defence and the Greek defense industry.