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Chief seismologist: We expect a 7R quake in Turkey and it might affect Greece

Featured Chief seismologist: We expect a 7R quake in Turkey and it might affect Greece

Speaking about a strong earthquake in Turkey in the coming years, OASP (Anti-Seismic Proetction Authority) President Efthymios Lekkas emphasized that "in the global scientific community it is known that we are expecting a 7 Richter earthquake in Turkey in the next 4 to 5 years." This statement was made by Mr Lekkas, commenting on the position of the Turkish interior minister over a nightmarish 7.5 Richter earthquake in Istanbul which he described as "heavy".

Referring to how such a powerful earthquake could affect Greece, he said to SKAI: "Since 1999, there have been many studies on the Anatolian rift. Based on that earthquake it affects the Greek area as well. But there are many questions that we need to answer in the next earthquake in Istanbul. It goes without saying that it will also happen in Greece if it happens there. "

He explained that when the earthquake struck, the elements needed to be studied "in order to understand whether energy from the rift would go into Greek territory, or be directed east."

Should such an earthquake affect Greece "it may cause a large seismic vibration, primarily in the northern Aegean and then in the rest of Greece. But we must know the characteristics of the earthquake that we expect to happen in Turkey. There is a rich history of major earthquakes in Istanbul from the ancient times.

There is a piece of the Anatolian rift that has not caused a major earthquake and after the last earthquake, a lot of energy has accumulated there. The Marmara rift that we are talking about passes through the northern Aegean, through Limnos and ends in the mountains of Pelion. But it had recently experienced a major earthquake. We do not know the potential as the rift lies beneath the sea,” was his comment. "A potential earthquake in Istanbul may affect the northern Aegean," Mr Lekkas added.