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Fraport delivers refurbished Thessaloniki airport

Featured Fraport delivers refurbished Thessaloniki airport

The airport of Thessaloniki, delivered three months ahead of schedule, has been transformed into a totally different airport, almost double in size, with two terminals connected by an air bridge, a modern design in gray, brand new check-in areas, double departure gates, new restaurants and many additional facilities, a Fraport official told the Athens-Macedonian News Agency on Wednesday.

"Makedonia" airport is one of the 14 upgraded and safe airports delivered earlier than the original schedule to the Greek State by Fraport Greece.

The airport absorbed almost 25 pct of the total investment, amounting to 440 million euros, according to the general development manager of the company, George Velos.

"We now have an airport almost twice what we had before with two modern terminals and modern airport infrastructure comparable to the corresponding international airports abroad. New check-in areas, double departure gates, new security and luggage management systems, state-of-the-art commercial space and generally modern interior and exterior design compose an airport environment reminiscent of Europe's most popular airports. With the new airport, Thessaloniki and the wider region of Macedonia now have a modern entrance gate," Velos said.