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Mitsotakis interview on MEGA

Featured Mitsotakis interview on MEGA

The president of ND Kyriakos Mitsotakis spoke about the upcoming elections, the debate, but also his relationship with his children and his wife Mareva, during his interview on MEGA channel and on the show "Pame Danae".

"I certainly don't feel invulnerable. Every electoral process is new. I feel satisfied that citizens put their trust in us. The high percentage also increases my own responsibility to work even harder to be useful as prime minister. It's certainly not a white order. We cannot go to the polls lightly," he stressed.

He added that if the current electoral law had been in force in the previous elections, we would have had a government.

“Some others chose the simple proportionality system. We need a strong government, there is no possibility of a government of cooperation".

Concerning the debate

Regarding the debate, he emphasized that he thought the journalists asked difficult questions. "They must press us." As for the upcoming debate, he said that "maybe it's the last chance to talk about our plan for the next day."

The citizens, he noted, sent a clear message that must be confirmed.

"Our opponent is the deck chair and complacency."

Afterwards, the ND president was asked about the possibility of a separate debate between him and Alexis Tsipras.

"The debate always takes place with all political leaders. I don't think the citizens will be any wiser. They don't expect to learn something new if they see a debate between Tsipras and Mitsotakis".

"I was always a good student, but I wasn't the typical nerd"

Kyriakos Mitsotakis referred to social media and Tik Tok, stressing among other things that we are trying to communicate our policies in a new way. "Our young people voted for issues of rights, for jobs, I'm very happy with tik tok, there I can make fun of myself, make jokes."

Immediately after, he talked about his school years. “I was always a good student but I wasn't the typical nerd. I did my sports, I was quite social and at school we did everything kids do to have fun. I have kept friendships since school."


About his relationship with his children

Kyriakos Mitsotakis also spoke about his relationship with the children.

"Mareva and I have an excellent relationship with the children. It is very important that children can talk to their parents. The children are very open with me. I am most proud in my life of my children. Every parent wants to fulfill this mission to the best of their ability."

I like, he added, that they can share their problems.

"They often come and tell me this can't be done, you have to fix it. I try to explain to them what I'm doing about the problem."

About the difficulties with wife Mareva

"We went through many difficulties with Mareva. We overcame it by not blaming the other person solely for the problems in our relationship. We must overcome bitterness. You must be completely dedicated to the children, support them even if we are not together. We never said bad things about each other. We are better than ever. I hear the aphorisms of the style that 'glass that breaks cannot be mended'. I believe that before making final decisions one should give more time. Things aren't always better if you look for an alternative. We also worked with experts on this issue."