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Athens Court Orders Finance Ministry to Rehire Cleaners

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Hundred of Finance Ministry cleaners appealed to the Athens Court of First Instance today, regarding their forced discharges and transfers, which was ruled in their favor.

Lawyer Yiannis Karouzos who represented the case, described the outcome as a "landmark decision", as reported by Kathimerini.  The Court demanded that the 397 female cleaners will restart their positions in the Finance Ministry's sanitation sector. Out of the 465 workers who were affected by layoffs and transitions due to a troika-led civil service revamp, 397 rallied against the decision. The workers deemed the act as unconstitutional and illegal.

Over the past few months, infuriated employees demonstrated outside the Finance Ministry's headquarters. A massive amount of workers in other civil service sectors such as education and health, have objected to the troika-mandated mobility mechanism, but the majority have not brought the issue to the legal system.