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"Security & Crisis Management Int'l Conference ATHENA" Opens

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The "Security and Crisis Management International Conference ATHENA" began in the Greek capital yesterday.

It was established by the Hellenic National Defense General Staff and is a think tank seminar, that focuses on defense and security concerns. Deputy Defense Minister Ioannis Lambropoulos highlighted the requirement for realism and rationalism when facing worldwide protection threats.

The Greek Deputy Defense Minister stated the nation's European security strategy stance. He asked for a "general institutional reorganization so that the EU can respond to the role that history has in store for it", as reported by ANA-MPA.

Lambropoulos further commented, "We must reinforce the functioning of the European Defence Agency, make an effort to avoid overlapping efforts with the Allies, improve access to the industry of imported technology and increase the share of research cooperation". The "Security and Crisis Management International Conference ATHENA" will take place until June 19th.