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Greece Considers Enhancing Drone Surveillance

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The Greek Public Order Ministry is in negotiations with Israeli agencies regarding drones, to enhance surveillance mechanisms by the Hellenic police.

Drone usage is being discussed to oversee illegal border entries, crimes and terrorism activities. The amount of drones being administered in Greece has not yet been determined. As reported by Kathimerini, the nation initially started to consider implementing additional drones three summers ago, when Syntagma Square protests were constantly occurring. Last year, a drone was administered to source Albanian criminals who escaped from Trikala Prison.

It has been predicted that Greece will stop using the TETRA wireless surveillance system that was put in place prior to the 2004 Olympic Games, due to its massive costs. Each year, about 4.5 million euros is used to finance the system, which was bought for 90 million euros. Athenian authorities are also determining if surveillance video cameras will be reactivated in the capital.