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Greece Plans New Pension Administration Center

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In a recent interview with the Greek financial newspaper Imerissia, Labour and Social Insurance Minister Yiannis Vroutsis announced that by the end of 2014, a single national pension administration facility will be established.

The new center will accept all pension applications and will execute all pension funds to recipients. As Vroutsis stated in the article: "...from now on, the granting of a pension with the support of the 'Atlas' IT system will be a matter of a few days", as reported by ANA-MPA.

The modernized system will allow pensioners to conduct the entire process online. Employees from all pension fund sub-sectors will work at the new facility. The Minister added, "The long waits for a pension to come through will soon be just a bad memory". He promised that the new system will not change pension requirements or protocols, but will allow for fluid activities between the administration and beneficiaries.