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Philotimo: "The Greek Secret" Released (Video)

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The Washington Oxi Day Foundation just released its Philotimo: The Greek Secret video, that features prominent Greek-Americans who describe why historical Hellenism victories may be the result of "Philotimo". The segment can be seen by scrolling to the very bottom of the page.

The video includes George Stephanopoulos, Arianna Huffington, Bob Costas, the Greek Orthodox Archbishop of America Demetrios, and more. The footage showcases 29 successful Greeks who state what "Philotimo" means to them.

Oxi Day Foundation Founder and President Andrew Manatos described of the short documentary, "While it has not been released to the public until now, we gave a small number of Foundation supporters a sneak peek at this video over the weekend. It has already received over 10,000 views. Our prediction that this video can be transformational for our community and may help the Greek brand may be coming true". To watch Philotimo: The Greek Secret video, scroll to the bottom of this article.