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Melbourne's Iconic Greek Medallion Cafe Closes

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Melbourne's Greek Medallion Cafe has confirmed that it will close after serving as a social pillar for the Greek-Australian community since 1970.

The Medallion Cafe's announcement, which served as a social pillar for Hellenes in the city, was met by sadness and sentiment by many patrons. Over time, the city's Greek epicenter has been transitioning from Lonsdale Street, where the Medallion Cafe was located, to Oakleigh.

However, Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria President Bill Papastergiadis contends that Lonsdale Street is still permeated with Hellenism. The President stated to Neos Kosmos, "It's still the centre of Melbourne. It is the CBD for our city and our state and our presence there is very vibrant from a teaching perspective in terms of the schools that are being used in that precinct, to the glendi which is by far the biggest ethnic festival in Australia, to the nightly events that are being held in the Cultural Centre which are being attended by over 200 people."

Papastergiadis commented on the Medallion Cafe's closing, "It's sad. It's a sad moment to see the shop closed. We would have hoped there would have been more of an effort by all parties to ensure its continuation in one form or another, but at the same time when one door closes another one opens".

(photo credit: Andrew George)