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Palamas house in Patras bought Greek American to become Museum

A 75-year old Greek businessman, who lives and works in the United States, has bought the house where our national poet Kostis Palamas was born in Patra, Peloponnese.

The businessman, Thanasis Stefanopoulos, whose family is from Patra, said that he plans to transform the house, located on Korinthos Street into a museum.

As patratora.gr reports, the house will be transformed into a Museum of “Olympism, Arts and Letters” and will be run by the Patra's Artistic Association.

The house will be first restored, under the guidelines of the Ministry of Culture, since it has been characterized as listed.

In a particularly touching and hopeful atmosphere that prevailed in the office of the notary Mrs. Eleni Lalagianni Salonikidou the representative of the sellers the Purchaser, signed the contracts marking the rebirth of the soul and heart of the great Greek poet Kostis Palamas in the house he loved so much.
The people of Patras,
but even the most distant visitor, will relive through the Olympic Museum, the sacred gift that the poet gave to mankind, the timeless, universal and prophetic Olympic Hymn, a priceless heritage, a ceaseless source of mental and physical perfection which celebrates Olympism and the Olympic Games.
Through the verses of the poet
we rediscover the principles and values ​​of world peace, freedom, equality, democratic ideals, moral recognition, universal brotherhood, and deep belief in human value.
The emergence of the Ancient Immortal Spirit, from the depths of Ancient Greek Culture, invoked
by the poet shapes the historical continuity of the Homeric maxim. “Always seek perfection excelling over others.
The ideals of Olympism led the great educator Pierre de Coubertin with the President of the International Olympic Committee Demetrios Vikela, when they sought to revive the modern Olympic Games, to mandate the then young poet Kostis Palamas to write the lyrics of the Olympic Anthem.
The world through the Museum will also
meet the man and poet Kostis Palamas.