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Brooklyn Carjacker Drives Off with Puppy "Leo"

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A Chihuahua puppy named Leo owned by Eleni Pappas, was stolen during a carjacking in Brooklyn on Friday evening.

Pappas could care less about the car-she just wants her furry baby back. As the Greek-American described to the New York Post, "It was literally not even a minute...My puppy was in the car and I didn't want him to get cold... I threw 20 dollars on the attendant's desk, and I said '20 dollars on pump six,' and as soon as I was walking out I saw the man sitting in my car and he just took off!"

The horrific crime occurred in Brooklyn at a gas station on Mill Avenue and Avenue U. Pappas tried to run after the criminal but he sped away in her navy blue 2010 Audi A4, with Leo's barks being heard inside. The dedicated pet owner stated, "My dog is like my kid...We wouldn't care if we ever find the car...We just hope that the man didn't harm him...We don't want the car — we just want Leo." The felon is described as a black male.

Leo is eleven months old and 5 pounds with green eyes. He is brown and white. A Facebook page has been set up to assist in the dog's return: www.facebook.com/LeoTheStolenPuppy/info. The page states: "Please share this throughout all animal related groups. Nobody cares about the car, but we have to find her dog!! He is definitely terrified and who knows what this criminal will do with him! He is microchipped, but that will only help if he gets to a vet or rescue facility. I would expect him to be dumped or sold, so please share share share!"

The Facebook page just added this update, "Detectives are getting involved now. Apparently they believe the same man did this again in a nearby gas station and hit the woman while trying to get away. Since it is such a similar crime, they believe it may be the same person." If anyone has any information on Leo, please call 718-809-2248. There is a cash reward set up for his safe return.