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Greek-Australian Community Plans 90th Anniversary Celebration

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Australia's second oldest Greek Orthodox community is set to commemorate its 90th anniversary in 2015.

St. George Greek Orthodox Church and its community located in Port Pirie, was established in 1924 and integrated in 1925. The Greek-Australians are planning to conduct a glendi next July 4th, at the regional Northern Festival Centre that will include a dinner dance and ball.

A church service will take place the next day to honor the Greek Orthodox Community of Port Pirie, where a plethora of Greek migrants immigrated, due to its ample agricultural sector. The town is located in Southern Australia, about two hours north of Adelaide, and holds approximately one-hundred Hellenic families that are collaborating to preserve its Greek ethnicity and culture.

Greek Orthodox Community President Emanuel Skorpos stated to Neos Kosmos, "The community itself, although it's small, has come to realise, with a young committee coming on board, that for it to have a strong and positive influence it needs to come together and support all the facets of the church's and the community's interests and the functions that surround that."

Skorpos added, "Despite the community being small and the ties being Australia-wide, members of our community have family in Darwin, in Queensland, in Sydney, Melbourne, Tasmania and Perth, so we need to rally together to be able to ensure that we can maintain our traditions, within the community."

(Source: Neos Kosmos)