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Greek-Australians & Chania Fund "42nd Street" Anzac Memorial

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Next year, the Greek-Australian Community and the Chania Municipality are planning to introduce and finance the "42nd Street" Anzac memorial.

The family of Captain Reg Saunders, who defended 42nd Street, established efforts to establish a monument. Saunders' daughter Glenda Humes described the initiative to Greek-Australian news portal Neos Kosmos, "We're very grateful. For the Municipality of Chania to give its financial backing to the project - at a time of immense economic difficulty in Greece - shows how committed they are to emphasising, in new ways, the deep bond that exists between Australia, New Zealand and the Cretan people."

Humes added, "We now need to push on and find the cash to help finish the job - to have a monument worthy of the duty and sacrifice that it depicts." An additional $12,000 in funds is needed to finish the memorial. The approximated cost of the monument's establishment amounts to $30,000, as of now.

The Chania Municpality has granted $14,000, while Greek-Australians and private donations have offered the remaining amounts. The primary donors of the "42nd Street" Anzac memorial include the Greek Community of Melbourne, the Pancretan Association of Melbourne, the Cretan Association of NSW, and the Andriotakis family from Sydney.

(Source: Neos Kosmos)