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Watch Video: Greek American becomes Mayor of Annapolis

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Translation By Lisa Darilis

Mike Pantelides, a young Greek-American Republican candidate running for mayor of Annapolis, Maryland has won the election. Pantelides prevailed in a thrilling victory over current mayor Josh Cohen, and has now become one of the youngest mayors to be elected in recent times.

Pantelides is a second generation Greek, not descending so much from Greece itself, but more from Cyprus. His grandparents' family emigrated to Annapolis back in the 1940s. They worked hard and opened up the well known chain "The Royal Restaurant" in the heart of the historic district of Annapolis. The Pantelides family's recognition in the area for decades helped launch Mike Pantelides' involvement in politics, which resulted in his favorable election as mayor.

In the initial vote tallies, Pantelides was winning by 84 votes. Upon closer analyses, however, Pantelides and Cohen showed to be very close, so the decision to recount the votes was made. The recount was concluded on Thursday, with the final votes being 3,934 to 3,875, in Pantelides' favor. Pantelides turned out to be the big winner in this exciting election.

Current Mayor Cohen congratulated Pantelides, and praised his opponent on his venture.