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Greek-Australians rally against Greek government plans on name dispute with FYROM

An estimated crowd of 15,000-20,000 Greek-Australians attended today’s rally outside the Greek Consulate in Melbourne, where they voiced their opposition to any government plans that would include the term Macedonia in FYROM’s compound name.

The rally, which was organised by the Pan-Macedonian Association of Melbourne, had the support of the Greek Orthodox Church of Australia. The protest was attended by the President of the Greek Community in Melbourne, high ranking clergy from the Orthodox Church, the representative of Victoria’s Liberal Party, as well as other dignitaries.

The coordinator of the organising committee, John Paganis during his speech warned that the current Greek government would effectively be paving the way for a possible loss of Greek national territory in the future, if it agreed to accept the inclusion of the term Macedonia in a compound name for FYROM, as the name itself was the vehicle for irredentist policies by the small Balkan state. “It is certainly not just the present Government’s fault about this downfall. But this government is now on the brink of a supposed agreement, which if advanced will be the founding stone for the certain loss of national territories in the future”, he said.

Meanwhile, Radio Pontos Stockholm organised a rally in the Swedish capital to voice its support for the cause. Professor Nikos Lygeros a tented the gathering and gave a speech on the issue.