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New St. Nicholas Council sworn in and assumed responsibilities of the

This year's celebration of Saint Nicholas at the World Trade Center in New York was historic as for the first time after seventeen years, the new board of the Greek Orthodox Church of the National Pilgrimage of St. Nicholas and convened as a body.

The extremely moving inauguration ceremony took place in the Chapel of Apostle Andrew of the Holy Archdiocese of America in Manhattan on Friday afternoon, where the very few objects that were saved from the historic temple (completely destroyed by the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 at the Twin Towers of New York) are held.

The faces of the community counselors, Elizabeth Deneka - Brody, Jean Dimoneka, Peter Zaharatos, Regina Katopodis, Theodoros Klingos, Stamatios Lykos and Olga Pavlakos, the benefactor of the community and the St. Nicholas School in Flushing Stefanos Tserpelis, Anthoula Katsimatidis, who lost her brother on that dreadful day, as well as the ex officio members of the council and the appointed ones, were wrought with emotion and determination to work together for the resumption of the work for the reconstruction and completion of the temple.

The Archbishop's Protosyngelos, Bishop of Fasiani Antonios referred to the composition of the new board of directors and invited the counselors to swear before the Gospel.

Archbishop Demetrios of America mentioned the visit he had a few hours before the swearing in the new temple and invited the counselors to work together.

Immediately after the swearing in, the council met in a body and elected the executive committee made up of Giorgos Michalatsis, president, Olga Pavlakos, vice-president, Elizabeth Dimoneka-Brody, secretary and Theodoros Klingos, treasurer.

Archbishop Demetrios, responding to a question of "anamniseis.net" about the swearing in, pointed out: "It is indeed a very historic day. It is no coincidence that it takes place on the celebration of St. Nicholas and during a new phase that we are now entering. With the creation of the full council provided by the regulations, we are now entering a new phase in which the work of continuing the reconstruction is set on a very stable basis and is now a matter of work and time.

The point is to shorten the time and this will depend on the supply and the organization. With the creation of the council, we have very good conditions always with the aid and blessing of God."

Asked when the project will begin, he pointed out: "It is not prudent to enter this logic because the West has the calendar and the time, we have chronos."

The new board of directors is made up of 22 members and one-third, as mentioned above, comes from the original council of St. Nicholas.

Ex officio: Markos Leontis (President of the Archbishop's Council of Presbyters), Dr. Antonios Lyberakis (Commander of the Order of Apostle Andrew of the Ecumenical Patriarchate), Maria Logus (President of the National Philoptochos), George Loucas (President of AHEPA), Argyris Vassiliou (Chairman of the 100th Leadership) as well as a representative of the Fund of Faith.

The council also includes Anthoula Katsimatidis, Giorgos Michalatsis, Richard Browne, Giorgos Tsantikos, Stefanos Tsperpalis and Michael Psaros, who were appointed by the Archdiocese. .