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Katsifas memorial services: Albanians threats, climate of terror in Northern Epirus

Featured Katsifas memorial services: Albanians threats, climate of terror in Northern Epirus

The threats of Albanian nationalist groups, in the face of Konstantinos Katsifas' annual memoria servicel, were rejected by the president of the Northern Epirots Association, Babis Karathanos. The Greek expatriate has spoken of a climate of terror and a police state throughout the Northern Epirus region, while complaining that he himself has been threatened as well as other members of the minority.

"We are not bullied by threats, we will normally attend the annual memorial service for Konstantinos Katsifas," he said, speaking on ANT1. He added: "We will attend a religious ceremony, be with the family and honor the memory of Konstantinos Katsifas."

He clarified, however, that the Northern Epirots "have no problem with the Albanian people," and called on the authorities to complete the investigation and shed light on how the 35-year-old Katsifas was killed. It is recalled that according to the Katsifa family lawyer Efthimios Navridis, the Albanian authorities "are trying to present Konstantinos' death as suicide".

Meanwhile, at the end of September, as Mr Navridis added, serious crime prosecutor Niazi Seferi, who had taken over the case, resigned on health grounds. This is, in fact, the second Albanian prosecutor to take over the case and resign.

"It can not be excluded that the prosecutor was pressured about the case and resigned. He is the second prosecutor to step down. I had spoken to the former, but he had not told me anything about the case, "he hastened to explain. It is noted that Konstantinos Katsifas was shot dead by Albanian special police forces in the village of Vouliarates on October 28, 2018.