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Athenians Society's "Athenian Night" was good for the soul and fun for everyone

Featured Athenians Society's "Athenian Night" was good for the soul and fun for everyone

The "Athenian Night" organized by the Athenian’s Society of New York on Sunday evening, May 19, 2024, at "Laterna" in Bayside, was definitely a hit.

The spring event organized by the Association, which, like most of their other events, combined fun and function. This is because the proceeds from ticket sales and from the lottery will be allocated to bolstering the Association's fund.

The lucky winner of the lottery was Sakis Floros, from the Press and Public Diplomacy Office of Greece in New York, who donated the money won to the Association with the consequence that every dollar offered for the purchase of lottery tickets will be allocated to the strengthening of educational, cultural and charitable programs.

The event was the first after the deaths of two elite members of the Association, namely Stylianos Stroumbakis and Filitsa Roussos, and the president of the Association, Panos Adamopoulos, invited the members to observe a minute of silence.

Referring to the Association, he pointed out that it was founded at the beginning of the second decade of the 20th century and that although the names of its founders and the first members are known, there is no information about their place of birth.

And this, as he pointed out, was not accidental, because the Association accepted and continues to accept all those who embrace Athens, as an idea and a symbol and recognize it as the birthplace of Democracy and the ancient Greek civilization. This has remained unchanged over the decades and the doors of the Association are open to those who embrace these ideals.

Referring to the work of the first four months, he pointed out that the society’s generosity has so far benefited Greek Studies at Stony Brook State University and Queens College, the non-profit organization "Our Children", the Academy of Greek Education and the Academy of St. Vassilios.

Referring to the successes so far, Mr. Adamopoulos pointed out that it is due to the tireless efforts and self-sacrifice of all executives and the generosity of the members.

The fun part followed with Eleanna Finokaliotis singing, Giorgos Lyristis on keyboards, Samir Soukri on violin and Yiannis Kyriazis on bouzouki.