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Shanghai's souvlaki chain

Perambulating in the streets of Shanghai one hardly expects to be titilated by the wafting scents of mousaka, keftedes, and gyros drawing you to a Greek taverna, but that's what you'll find!

Restaurant chain Greek Taverna Milos strives to offer Shanghai exactly what its name embodies - the warm experience of authentic Greek food and hospitality.

Greek Tarvena's strong principles of Greek hospitality are portrayed through the restaurant's cozy ambience and friendly service. With a white and light blue interior, the restaurant's setting is homey.

Greek Taverna's menu boasts a variety of meze (appetizers), of which a popular choice is keftedes, Greek seasoned meatballs made of minced lamb, onion, mint, flour and extra-virgin olive oil. With a moist texture and spice-infused flavor, the meatballs are eaten without any sauce or dip.

Also, a must-try is the restaurant's homemade tzatziki, the light combination of Greek strained yogurt, fresh garlic, extra-virgin olive oil and shredded cucumber.

The cooling dip is especially appetizing during Shanghai's hot summer, and pairs perfectly with the restaurant's freshly toasted homemade pita bread.

As for main dishes, moussaka is Greek Taverna's most popular choice among their customers. Topped with a layer of bechamel sauce sprinkled with shredded kefalograviera cheese, the dish features more layers of minced beef, boiled potato slices and sauteed eggplant, and is baked until golden brown. Its flavor, however, is distinct and characteristic of authentic Greek cuisine.

Greek Taverna Milos was first established in Shanghai in 2006 by brothers John and Vassilis Dimitriou, creating the first truly Authentic Greek dining experience in the city.

Today, Milos has expanded into 5 carefully selected locations in the city, each with distinct characteristics. Milos offers Authentic Greek Food, and prides itself for using the absolute best ingredients - many imported from Greece. Food is prepared by our Greek Chefs. The environment is purely Greek, with warm atmosphere, Greek music and friendly service.

Over the years, Milos has become a true favorite among both Chinese and westerners living in Shanghai. Milos has proudly won many acclaims and awards. Most recently, Milos won the “Best Mediterranean Restaurant” award by That’s Shanghai

Milos has formed a strategic partnership with Amphora, the leading importer and retailer of specialty Greek foods and spirits. Amphora has 10 Retail outlets in Shanghai, Internet sales, and is expanding rapidly; it also supplies to premium hotels and restaurants and specialty stores across China.

Amphora’s select VIPs can enjoy various benefits and discounts at Amphora stores, Milos restaurants and luxury travel to Greece…

In addition, the cooperation with Amphora guarantees the best for you, including: Greek extra-virgin Olive Oil, Kalamata Olives, authentic Feta, thyme Honey, Wines, Ouzo, Greek spirits, and many more!