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Cypriot Australian Senator Demands New Travel Protocols

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Independent Cypriot Australian Senator Nick Xenophon, has demanded that Australia's Federal Budget cease former Prime Minister's and MP's free travel benefits, along with other costly luxuries.

Senator Xenephon is urging the nation's government to lessen entitlements, including the Life Gold Pass, which permits long-standing former governmental heads up to ten free flights per year. In 2012-2013, these amenities cost taxpayers $1.3 million dollars.  He believes, "...if you leave the job you leave the perks behind".

The Senator has requested that the Gold Pass travel extravagance to be permanently stopped during next month's Federal Budget. The Cypriot Australian politician stated to reporters, "This is a politically toxic entitlement that has to go...It is just completely untenable that such a thing exists."

Various other Australian politicians feel the same. As Senator John Madigan commented, "I don't think there are any other jobs where you continue to receive benefits once you have retired from the position".