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Best Selling Cypriot-Australian Poet's Book Translated in Greek

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Poet Koraly Dimitriades is about to release her bestselling poetry Love and F**K Poems book, translated in Greek.

The Cypriot-Australian is extremely popular in Australia for her candid and creating writing. She is scheduled to have book presentations in Limassol on June 29th and in Nicosia on July 1st. The book centers on a Greek woman leaving her marriage and searches for her own identity. In addition to being translated in Greek, four short films will be produced in Cyprus.

Discussing the translation method, Dimitriadis stated: "We would sit in a room together and we would read the poem in English. For every line I would explain to her what I wanted to convey and then I would suggest its Greek translation. Konstandina would then suggest how to translate it in Greek", as reported by Parikiaki.

The Cypriot-Australian is now penning a new novel Misplaced, that takes place in Melbourne and Cyprus. Its plot focuses on immigrant's longing for their native land, which their offspring feel as well.

The author stated: "I am thankful for my two cultures, although it was always a struggle to feel at home in Australia. I am drawn to Cyprus and always wanted to live here. There are positives and negatives to this dual identity – I never feel quite accepted in Australia, or here in Cyprus. I am always a bit of an outsider".