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"Save Anthony Michaelides" Fundraiser

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A fundraiser has been set up for critically injured motorcylist Anthony Michaelides.

The 25-year-old suffered a horrific motorcycle accident in Los Angeles on June 15th, after loosing control on the freeway and falling 100 feet off the rail. The Greek-American was barely alive when he was rushed to the hospital and remains in critical care. Unfortunately he does not have any health insurance and his medical bills continue to pile up.

Michaelides is a native of New York and moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream as a guidance counselor. He established the first Dream Tree in the city, that encourages kids to go after their dreams. A crowdrise fundraiser has been set up for him, with a goal of $500,000.00 to tackle his growing health costs. More information can be accessed at: https://www.crowdrise.com/saveanthonymichaelides/fundraiser/krystamichaelides