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Australian-Cypriot Scholar Wins Peace Prize

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Austalian-Cypriot Dr. Michalis S. Michael was awarded in Istanbul with a peace prize, regarding his Cypriot resolution efforts at La Trobe University's Centre for Dialogue.

Dr. Michael and the Centre were commemorated by the Journalist and Writers Foundation, and were selected out of 1,179 projects. They received the grand prize of $50,000. The academic serves as the Centre's Deputy Director and is an expert in interfaith dialogue and conflict resolution.

Michael's "Dialogical Roadmap Towards Resolving the Cyprus Conflict" was the winning work. The scholar went through a four-step procedure, along with a final international jury interview in Istanbul.

Of his achievements, the Australian-Cypriot stated: "This award is yet another international recognition of the world-class work that the Centre for Dialogue does in the areas of peace-building and conflict transformation by combining research, policy development and community engagement".

Michael added, "Obviously as academics we are humbled by such an honour, but we also feel somewhat vindicated by the recognition we often receive overseas especially during these times when the sort of research and community work we do is under threat...This award encourages and motivates my project team to move from planning to the implementing phase".

(Source: http://www.parikiaki.com/2014/06/michael-wins-peace-prize-for-cyprus-conflict-work/)