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OTE TV Employees Attacked By Greek Soccer Fans

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A Greek soccer match was plagued by yet another violent episode, just before the Iraklis versus Larissa game over the weekend.

On Sunday at Thessaloniki's Kaftanzoglio Stadium, cable channel OTE TV employees were attacked by fans and were left with minor wounds. Deputy Sports Minister Stavros Kontonis stated to reporters, "This is another example of a severe episode of blind soccer fan violence, with the victims simply ordinary employees and technicians who were attacked while preparing the media coverage of the Football League match between Iraklis and AEL Larissa."

Kontonis added, "The government condemns these morbid phenomena and assures supporters that the legislative work it is going through is aiming to eliminate the root causes of the problems afflicting Greek soccer... we hope that all will realize the gravity of the situation and support our legislative work, even if some may have reservations about aspects of the bill."

(Source: Reuters)