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Cyprus Tourism Organization Enhances Efforts

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The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) is boosting its endeavors to attract additional visitors to the island.

This week, the CTO's Board of Directors discussed their continuous work to enhance tourism in Cyprus. In an official announcement, the Board is carefully monitoring EU sanctions against Russia, who makeup the second largest amount of travelers, along with global tourism markets, according to Cyprus Weekly.

The CTO has predicted a 5% increase of tourists to Cyprus in 2015, and has maintained communications with Russian travel delegates to collaborate as effectively as possible. The CTO stated that its work has been hindered by inadequate funding, resulting in competition challenges regarding other locations that are trying to entice Russian vacationers.

The Organisation cited Egypt and Turkey as competitors that aren't restricted under EU protocols. However, the CTO has increased its activity in the Netherlands, Austria, France, Switzerland, Poland and Israel, while many new airline routes have been administered for next year such as Rome, Hamburg, Berlin, and Düsseldorf, to and from Cyprus.

(Source: Cyprus Weekly & Parikiaki)