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Polylimnio, the hidden treasure of Messinia (vid)

Featured Polylimnio, the hidden treasure of Messinia (vid)

One of the most famous destinations of the Peloponnese for nature-lovers is located in the Prefecture of Messinia and more specifically near the village of Kazarma, on the route from Kalamata to Pylos, and its special name foreshadows exactly what you are going to meet once you are there. Our friend Marinos Charalampopoulos gives us a brief view of this unique setting.

Polylimnio could not be other than a complex of lakes and running waters in the heart of a green landscape, where due to its uneven ground it creates impressive waterfalls, composing a magical spectacle that makes you think that paradise could not be far.

It is rightly called the blue lake of Greece, while at the same time it is a unique habitat of inexhaustible natural beauty.

It is mainly a summer destination, which has become famous in recent years by nature lovers, and year after year attracts more and more visitors.

It' easy to access, as long as you follow from the village Haravgi the dirt road following the information signs. Leaving the car in the parking lot, follow the downhill road and then walk along the stream, in the shadow of this magical paradise on earth, on a wonderful route lasting a maximum of 20 minutes. Dense vegetation, beautiful wooden bridges and cool running water follow you to the end. In many places, of course, there are iron stairs and poles to help the passage, since there are places with a small degree of difficulty.

As for the lakes you meet along,15 in total, they are one more beautiful than the other. Mavrolimna, Kardoula (due to the shape that looks like a heart), Tychero, Italian, Panagos, and Stathoula, are some of their names, but the one that prevails in both beauty and surface is Kadi. In the approximately 300 green square meters, the imposing rocks that surround it are mirrored, while the running water with the wonderful waterfall that forms on one side and which is difficult to see between the leaves of the trees, makes it look like a fairy tale.
Swim in its cold waters and indulge in the unprecedented feeling that only the absolutely amazing scenery of the lakes of Polylimni can cause you.

However, you must keep in mind that the whole route needs special attention, especially during the winter months with the swollen waters of the lakes and the increased humidity that makes it very difficult to climb.
After all, nature hides its most wonderful secrets. But as you discover some of them, you will understand their true value.