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Greek Ambassador to U.S. Panagopoulos Speaks About Greece’s Future to PBS

Greek Ambassador to the United States Christos Panagopoulos was featured on PBS, where he discussed Greece's challenging road ahead.

Ambassador Panagopoulos spoke to Gwen Ifill on what's next for the nation, after citizens voted against Sunday's bailout referendum, which can be seen by scrolling to the very bottom of this article.

In his interview, the Hellenic diplomat examines his country's future and the international effects of not finding a solution with global lenders. In the segment, Gwen Ifill asks: “So, now, as you look at what the voters said, no to austerity, what do you think comes next?” 

Ambassador Panagopoulos replies: “Next comes a euro summit.They’re going to convene the heads of government and the states of the European Union tomorrow. We will have a Eurogroup. That’s the procedure. But, in substance, what the referendum brought with this is unanimity of let’s say 80 percent of the parties that represent the Greek Parliament, which they support the prime minister to go tomorrow to Brussels and present a Greek proposal.  And we have reasons to hope that we’re going to reach an agreement in principle, and then trying to renormalize the country economically.”

(Source: http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/greece-ready-tough-measures-says-ambassador/)