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NGTV's Greek & Turkish Foreign Ministerial Meeting Coverage (Video Below)

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New Greek TV covered Greek Deputy Prime Minister & Foreign Minister Evangelos Venizelos'
 and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu's meeting, during the week of the 69th United Nations General Assembly session at UN headquarters in New York City, which can be viewed by scrolling to the very bottom of this article.

The two Greek and Turkish colleagues held their meeting at The Turkish Center, across the street from the UN yesterday evening. The Greek Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister offered a statement concerning their dialogue and commented that the two held friendly and substantial discussions, which primarily focused on the Cyprus issue.

Venizelos repeated that a solution must be accepted via referendum, by the two Cypriot communities. He voiced that communications need to be kept open and active on both a diplomatic and political level. Both leaders agreed to organize their own meeting that will take place in late November. NGTV's segment can be watched at the very bottom of this page.