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Greek-Australian Senator Xenophon Discusses National Security

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Revamps to Australia's national security was discussed in the Senate this week, regarding legislation brought forth by the Abbott government.

Independent Greek-Australian Senator Nick Xenophon stated his general support for the new mandates, along with restrictions. The National Security Legislations Amendment Bill was brought forth in July.

During Wednesday's debate, Senator Xenophon commented that Australia's main responsibility was "to protect the public from terrorist acts" and that state intelligence agencies have "to operate in secret and have adequate powers and resources to do their jobs", according to Neos Kosmos.

The Greek-Australian Senator also claimed that delegates "must never be an alibi for abuse of power" and further said that he had "grave misgivings" concerning some of the bill's protocols including "harsh penalties for disclosure of intelligence information, with no consideration given to a public-interest exemption".

Xenophon requested the creation of a committee that works independently from the government's executive branch, that would direct the country's intelligence sector.