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Fall - Winter Fashion 2013

By Yanna Darilis

This year's fashion trend will remind you of the 50's and 90's. The 50s was a very feminine era and the 90s a re-introduction to the 50s with wild sexy twists and once again designers are re-inspired by these feminine sexy times in 2013.

Statement making styles include; pencil skirts, leggings, long skirts, oversized coats, fur accents and vests, layering and many feminine fabrics such as lace and chiffon, patterns and prints.

Colors of the year are solids, which include the regal Burgundy and Emerald Green and classic prints such as hounds-tooth. You will see a lot of combinations with brown and black, and leather with fabric. Another contender is the sexy leopard print mixed with style.

Don't forget to accent your outfits with pointy boots and pumps because it's this year's pick! Pointy footwear is also a plus because it gives a long elongated slim look! Accent your waste line with thick belts on dresses, suits and coats.

Anything goes in fashion of course; so don't feel obligated to follow fashion trends to the "T". Bottom line is whatever the fashion trend, feel free to dress according to your body type and what you feel comfortable in.