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Alexandros Avranas Announces New Greek Movie Project

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Acclaimed director and writer Alexandros Avranas is scheduled to collaborate again with Faliro House Productions and actors Christos Loulis and Eleni Roussinou, on a new project.

The Greek film maker stated at the Jerusalem Film Festival to ScreenDaily: "I am writing a new Greek-language script which will be ready in the coming months...I want to shoot next summer".

The director and writer of Miss Violence added, "It's about a middle-class Greek couple who want to live an easy life, 'The American Dream', but they end up carrying out a murder for money in order to sustain their lifestyle...It's about moral values".

The 36-year-old creator stated that his next movie after his one in the making will probably be in English. When queried over his association with Greece's 'new wave' of directors, Avranas rebuffed his affiliation with others such as Athina Rachel Tsangari and Yorgos Lanthimos saying, "I don't understand it. 'Movements' and 'Waves' are about directors' common philosophies. But we don't even know each other. It's not like the Nouvelle Vague who knew each other and were friends and discussed and shared ideas".

(Source: www.screendaily.com)