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Nassos Vakalis Presents "Dinner For Few" Animation Film

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Emmy Award winning animation creator Nassos Vakalis is presenting his new project, coined Dinner For Few, according to reports.

The 3D animation is 10 minutes in length and as stated on its Facebook page: "The 'Dinner For Few' story is a sociopolitical metaphor of the world as we know it today. The characters are both players and victims in a system that runs like a well-oiled machine, constantly feeding the ones that foolishly consume all the resources of the ecosystem, while others are only fed by left-overs or what has fallen off the table. Inevitably, this exhausted and old vicious circle comes to a catastrophic, messy and violent end. Sadly, its offspring is not a sign of hope but the splitting image of the parent."

It is written and directed by Vakalis, and is co-produced along with Katerina Stergiopoulou. Vakalis shot to international fame with his Human Nature animated project. The Greek filmmaker was born and raised in Athens and has been interested in the arts since childhood, when he began receiving awards for his talented works. The Dinner For Few trailer can be viewed below.