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International documentary festival 'Beyond the Borders' on Castellorizo

The Hellenic Institute of Historical Research is organising the 3rd International Documentary Film Festival "Beyond the Borders" on the outlying Greek island of Castellorizo. The festival, organised for the third consecutive year, will be held from August 26 until September 2.

The organiser's aim is to make Castellorizo a meeting point for the creators of historical and sociopolitical documentaries by attracting acclaimed figures in cinema, the arts and culture from around the world.
The festival will take place at a crossroads between East and West, very close to the coast of Lycia, and anticipates further cultural cooperation between Castellorizo and the Turkish coastal city of Kas.
Every year the international festival has offered four awards for the best historical and sociopolitical documentary films, with the support of the Greek parliament, and after its conclusion it travels to Europe and Australia. The Athens-Macedonian News Agency is one of the festival's media sponsors.