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Papanikolaou Hospital: Second patient succumbs after the fire - What he said before he died

Featured Papanikolaou Hospital: Second patient succumbs after the fire - What he said before he died

One of the injured from the big fire that broke out yesterday at the Covid clinic of the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki expired a while ago, with the number of dead now amounting to two.

"The patient was intubated, he expired this morning and this is the one from whom the fire allegedly started," the Director of the Pulmonary Clinic of the Hospital, Stavros Tryfon, recently told SKAI tv.

He stressed that, according to what the patient himself managed to convey to him, the fire started when the mobile phone he was holding in his hands exploded.

He clarified, however, that this is the version of the patients, while the exact causes of the fire remain to be confirmed by the fire brigade.

The testimonies of hospital staff are shocking

Patients who were treated in the pulmonology clinic Covid-19 of the "Papanikolaou" hospital in Thessaloniki experienced a veritable nightmare, yesterday, when shortly after 9 on Wednesday morning a fire broke out in the ward.

The fire resulted in the death of two people.

How the fire broke out

According to the testimonies so far and the information available to the Fire Brigade, the fire broke out in ward 6 on the second floor where only one patient was being treated.

The director of the ward said that the patient himself started the fire, as a result of which the oxygen ignited and the fire quickly spread.

As voria.gr then pointed out, the patient seems to have lit a cigarette in the ward, with the result that the fire broke out immediately. However, it is being investigated that the fire also broke out due to a cell phone explosion.

Firefighters said the fire broke out among linen bedding and plastic curtains, which is why it spread so quickly.