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Athens Car Blast Suspects Identified

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Thursday's car bomb eruption outside the Bank of Greece in central Athens, is thought to be instigated by two fugitives on the run.

According to police, the attack may have involved November 17 criminal Christodoulos Xeros and Revolutionary Struggle leader Nikos Maziotis, as reported by Kathimerini.

Maziotis has been an initial suspect in the blast. Xeros' involvement stems from the use of a Japanese car; November 17 usually uses Japanese vehicles in their crimes. A police official explained the selection of the automobile as: "a return to the past...reminiscent of an old generation of terrorists' methodology".

Both organizations have been responsible for car bomb explosions since the 1980's, near Greek financial institutions. Since January 2014, Xeros has been wanted for defying prison furlough protocols. As of July 2012, Maziotis has been hiding, when he vanished after his conditional discharge. Both criminals face a 1-million euro bail. Maziotis' anarchist website recently posted a letter, renouncing any collaboration between the two.