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Electoral Process Reveals High Voter Abstention Rate

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In the initial round of local Greek elections on Sunday, voter abstention made up 38.4% of the electoral totals, reported in a analysis yesterday.

Reported by Kathimerini, Aghios Efstratios island held the largest amount of voters who did not participate, with 73.2% of its citizens. Antiparos island gained the most amount of voters, with 8 out of 10 Greeks casting a vote.

The study revealed that border region dwellers were the citizens that participated the least. The northern region of Prespes, Florina amounted to 71.5% of voters abstaining, while the southeastern Aegean region of Kastelorizo held 69.9% without votes, and Lemnos island generated 62.9% who did not attend voting polls.

Only 50% of Athenian voters engaged in the electoral process; 232,399 votes were made, out of 477,771 citizens. 59.6% of Spartan voters did not participate in Sunday's voting process.

Higher rates were achieved in other major Greek cities. Thessaloniki voters made up 56.4% of its inhabitants, Patra held a 64.9% voter rate, Iraklio gained a 70.4% participation figure, 67.4% of voters turned out in Larissa, while Volos conducted 63.5%.