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Korydallos Prison Receives Nikos Maziotis

Arrested criminal Nikos Maziotis, who remained hospitalized after last Wednesday's shootout and subsequent arrest, refused to offer a deposition from his hospital bed yesterday, according to reports.

The Revolutionary Struggle leader was visited by a magistrate and was being treated for a bullet wound surrounded by heavy security. According to Kathimerini, the law enforcer arrived at Maziotis' hospital room, after police found evidence that the criminal holds a second hiding area in Maroussi that was rented by his partner.

The injured felon would not offer his name when questioned and stated that his line of work was a "revolutionary", when asked. Maziotis requested to be transferred to Korydallos Prison and arrived Saturday afternoon. The Greek police force have begun to string clues together, regarding Revolutionary Struggle's activities that include surveillance footage and terrorist equipment.

(Source: www.ekathimerini.com)