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Hit Singer Vassy: “Believe In Yourself & Don’t Ever Give Up” (Video)

New Greek TV's Greek of the Week is international singing songstress Vassy.

The certified platinum and gold Greek-Australian recording artist's tunes include the #1 hits "Hustlin," "We Are Young," and "Bad." Vassy's most recent knockout song "Secrets" with Tiësto and KSHMR, rose to #1 on Beatport within 24 hours of its release; the official music video can be watched by scrolling to the very bottom of this article.

Vassy's songs have been featured in Pepsi, Victoria's Secret, and Target commercials, among other mainstream brands. The vocalist's ballads have also been showcased in Disney's Frozen and Grey's Anatomy, to name just a few.

In our interview below Vassy, who was born Vasiliki Karagiorgos, reveals her first big break, hottest collaborations, Greek-Australian upbringing, why she settled in Los Angeles, and more.

Maria Athens: When did you begin singing? What initially attracted you to music?

Vassy: I've always wanted to sing ever since I was a little kid. I even got kicked out of my own school choir, and was told that I didn't have "what it takes," but that didn't stop me. I really started thinking about music as a career when I heard Billie Holiday sing, when I was 15. I have been singing for several years now, even when I was studying and getting my degree, I was singing on the weekends, and at jazz clubs wherever I could.

Maria Athens: Can you tell us about your Greek-Australian upbringing?

Vassy: I was born and raised in Australia. I grew up, up North; my parents migrated there many years ago. My family is from Kozani & Grevena. My parents wanted us to speak Greek, so we grew up in a Greek speaking household. We also went to Greek school on Saturdays. Even though we were born and raised in Australia, we grew up Greek!! I am very in touch with my culture, traditions and rituals because of my mother and father. I go to Greece regularly to visit my family.

Maria Athens: Can you offer a brief overview of your career?

Vassy: My career started several years ago in Australia. I became very successful after finishing my degree. My father had passed away and gave me his blessings to do music after I finished my degree. I was assigned to Universal Music. I put out an album, and I did very well. I then moved to America and have had success with several number one songs on the charts. It has been a long journey, and a lot of hard work but I can happily say that my career is now doing well, and I am enjoying the journey.

Maria Athens: When did you have your first big break?

Vassy: I would say in Australia when my song, "Cover You In Kisses" went to number one, and was played on the radio all around the country. This put me on a national map and started my career. Then last year, I had two number ones, "Hustlin'" with Crazibiza, Dave Audé, featuring Crystal Waters and "Bad" with one of the world's biggest DJ's, David Guetta and Showtek. This year, I had another number one with another big DJ, "Secrets" with DJ Tiësto and KSHMR.

Maria Athens: How would you describe your eclectic musical style?

Vassy: I have a distinctive style with my voice, I would say it's quirky but soulful.

Maria Athens: Do you sing in both Greek and English?

Vassy: Yes I do, but professionally I am known for singing in English.

Maria Athens: What brought you to Los Angeles?

Vassy: My career. L.A. is one of the best places to be for the music business, not to mention the weather is amazing.

Maria Athens: Do you have a large following in the homeland?

Vassy: I think my following has become very international at this stage.

Maria Athens: What have been the highlights of your career so far?

Vassy: Going number one with my debut single, the release of my album, "We Are Young," and another number one at the end of last year, "Hustlin'" with Crazibiza and Dave Audé. Having a double platinum record with David Guetta and Showtek, and a number one with Tiësto and KSHMR this year.

Maria Athens: What major artists have you collaborated with? Who has had the most impact on your own career and aspirations?

Vassy: Tiësto and David Guetta.

Maria Athens: What are your global songstress goals?

Vassy: To continue writing hits!!!

Maria Athens: What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

Vassy: Believe in yourself, work hard and don't ever give up.

Maria Athens: What's next for Vassy?

Vassy: A few more amazing features and collaborations, as I am also working on my own project. I will be doing some great shows this year!

Scroll down to the bottom of the article to watch the official music video for "Secrets."


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