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Watch Video: Mother-in-law tries to have her daughter-in-law assasinated

Translation By Lisa Darilis

A woman attempted to pay an assassin to murder her daughter-in-law because she didn't feel she was a good mother to her grandchild. This reason was mistakingly described to police by Diana Reaves Costarakis of Middleburg, Florida, whose husband is of Greek descent. She was arrested by police as a result of her admission to this attempted crime.

It has been revealed that 70 year old Diana Reaves Costarakis, engulfed in her hatred for her daughter-in-law, offered $ 5,000 to an alleged assassin to get rid of her by using any means possible. What Costarakis didn't know was that the person she was hiring to commit the murder was really an undercover detective posing as an assassin.

"Evidently she wanted to get rid of me so that she could be alone with her son and her granddaughter. My daughter is the one who will be most affected by this, since she loves her grandmother," stated Angela Costarakis, who almost became a victim of this crime. She also expressed that her mother-in-law never showed how much she really hated her.