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The Australian Greek Welfare Society Offers Grandparents Program

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The Australian Greek Welfare Society (AGWS) has established a six-week program for Greek speaking grandparents, so they can successfully communicate with their grandchildren.

It is aimed at grandparents whose offspring are dealing with divorce or separation. AGWS delegate Adonis Maglis described, "What this means for the very first time in history is that grandparents have the opportunity to access mediation," as reported by Neos Kosmos.

Maglis added, "This means they can go to a mediation centre and say 'look our children have separated or divorced, and as a result our relationship with our grandchildren has been interrupted and has become hostile. We want to make sure that this relationship continues'."

The free training course is funded by the Department of Social Services and is offered two times per year. Maglis further claimed, "People can come together in this confidential, respectful environment and learn about communication skills, stress management, conflict resolution, the role of the grandparents in their current context, family law and the rights of the children."

The six-week seminar has gained positive feedback from participants. Maglis commented, "They have this common understanding because it's the same cultural background. They share a lot, they cry, they tell their story. So we find after the first session they're actually exchanging phone numbers and so happy that they meet people that they can talk to about whatever's happening and that they're not going to be judged." Additional information about the program can be found by contacting Adonis Maglis at the Australian Greek Welfare Society: (03) 9388 9998.

(Source: Neos Kosmos)