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Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies Establishes Longevity Plan

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The Australian Institute of Macedonian Studies (AIMS) has come forth as the initial Greek organization in Victoria, to offer its capital to the Greek Orthodox Community of Melbourne and Victoria, if it is ever annulled.

AIMS recently reached this decision after its delegates voted in favor of contributing the two-story Brunswick building, along with its library books, funds, and archives. AIMS President Anastasios Tamis contended that this was the necessary arrangement, after observing the fate of other Greek-Australian institutions that did not contain any plans, according to Neos Kosmos.

Tamis described,"It wasn't just symbolic, it was an essential move on behalf of the institute...Some Greek Australian organisations have vanished and the properties (they held) are currently being disputed by the Australian government because there are no institutions to accept these properties."

The AIMS President and professor added, "We believe this organization, being democratic and cosmic (not ecclesiastic), totally neutral and secular, deserves our trust." Referring to the other approximate 700 Greek-Australian organizations in Victoria that need to realize they won't exist infinitely, "They're in denial...They don't realize that they are in the process of decay...We have to invest our trust in the second, third and fourth generation of young Greeks in order to give them the flag that we have carried the last 50 or so years."

Tamis wishes that Hellenic schools and cultural programs prosper from the plan, "It should be given to Greek cultural entities and educational institutions to promote the history and the legacy of the Hellenic culture of Australia...We owe this to the younger generation and the incoming fourth generation."

(Source: Neos Kosmos)