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Greek-Australian Students Frustrated Over Loan Repayment Claims

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An Australian professor has incensed Greek-Australian college students with his claim that if pupils can afford to visit Europe, they should be able to repay student loan payments while attending school.

Australian National University Professor Bruce Chapman believes that student travelers should pay back $2,000 or more on their loans, if they are planning to move or tour an international location for over six months, according to Neos Kosmos. Professor Chapman stated, "If people can afford to go to Europe or the U.S. and travel around or work then I think they can afford to make this sort of repayment," to The Australian.

Discussions of revamping the Australian student loan mechanism has frustrated Greek-Australian students. La Trobe University attendee Tina Halkias explained to Neos Kosmos that she couldn't visit her family in Greece, if she has to pay for loans during college enrollment.

The twenty-four year old student and part-time worker explained, "I'm only guaranteed two shifts a week, I don't work that often...So the money I do make I use when I go out, and when I have travelled it's been built up through savings, so if I had to pile a HECS fee on top of that I wouldn't be able to travel."

However professor Chapman contends, "My sense is the community does not like high-income earners leaving Australia and in some cases never paying back their student loans." Greek-Australians generally have no qualms about paying back their student loans once they are graduated and employed full time.

(Source: Neos Kosmos)