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Australia Launches “Speak Greek in March”

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Australia has launched its "Speak Greek in March" and facilitators have expressed their satisfaction at its momentum.

Mike Zafiropoulos, who serves as its coordinator, voiced his happiness to Greek-Australian news portal Neos Kosmos. Zafiropoulos described, "It is way beyond our expectations. Already we've had three major TV channels from Greece reporting it. The media in Greece have embraced the idea enthusiastically."

The Greek-Australian further commented, "Here in Australia we're getting interest from other states, for instance a school in Perth wants to get involved, so this idea is spreading...I know in Victoria that in the first week a number of organisations are using Greek more, and from all accounts a lot of people are using the language more, particularly in schools."

After the month's end, "We'll be able to detect just how much more Greek is being spoken because of the project when March is over," he added. Many Greek-Australian celebrities are participating in the Greek language efforts, including journalist Helen Kapalos.

The broadcaster revealed, "I really wish the project every success. Twenty years ago when my dear mum passed away, so did my confident grasp of the Greek language. Sadly I allowed the decline...With age I've come to fully realize and appreciate the nuances and the cultural strength contained in the words gifted to me by my ancestors." Additional information on Australia's "Speak Greek in March," can be found at: www.speakgreekinmarch.com.

(Source: Neos Kosmos)